Carol and Geoffrey Kidd purchased 'The Peak' in June 2017 after selling the family generational farm in the North East of Tasmania where Geoffrey had grown up. It was a bold move and one that happened out of curiosity after stumbling across this property for sale on the Internet. So intrigued by the beauty of the area and the unique building residences and infrastructure, Geoffrey was determined to check it out, and after much convincing, Carol went along to be sure he didn't do anything silly like buy the property! 

When the visit to inspect the property came around, they ventured to the Meander Valley region and drove towards the mountain ranges of the Great Western Tiers....they could see the main building now known as The Lodge from a distance and were gobsmacked! Driving up the access road and turning the boundary corner revealed the full splendour of Mother Cummings Peak with the large building and prominent balcony showing off its magnificent style, nestling in the foothill's forest, and they knew it was one of those big moments. After a second visit and serious discussions, The Peak was purchased and the rest was history with the process of selling the farm and moving regions.  The work towards changing the two residences into stylish accommodation and developing the surrounds for retreating paradise commenced. After opening in March 2018 they are both thrilled to share this amazing place with guests and visitors.

Like all properties theres a background story and much credit goes to the previous, long term owners, Bernie and Chris who built and developed so much over 35 years including the impressive 'Lodge', incredible gardens, stone walls, workshop/studio and the building residence known as The Cottage. It was truly a labor of love! Some renovations were made by another owner who sold to Geoffrey and Carol which have added to its charm and attraction. Western Creek has an interesting cultural history and provides lovely countryside, mountain ranges and a gateway to discovery. The Peak is a special place and unique in its setting with so much to offer and when you arrive you will understand its significance.

Moving from a multi-farm business to forest, eco tourism has been a huge learning curve and a marvellous experience. We hope you enjoy it as much as we love it! Carol and Geoffrey.

Our Contact Address The Peak Forest Retreat 830 Western Creek Road Western Creek 7304 Ph: 0408553976