As a small home business we work hard to provide our guests and visitors with high quality service and accommodation.

We ask that you respect and abide by our rules of stay - they are:

1. Reading and signing our guest form (your agreement) and abide by the house rules and terms of stay on this form.

2. That you communicate clearly and respectfully with us in regards to your stay and read all information in relation to your stay.

3. If any items on both or one site are damaged or broken during your stay, you agree to payment for damages; we understand that accidents happen. 

4. We will if necessary use TCS OR legal means to obtain costs for any damages by a guest that is unpaid or any other costs not paid during the stay.

5. This business and property operates under ECO standards. We ask that you respect our ethos and ensure care is taken to prevent bushfire hazards. A procedure evacuation plan for any bushfire risk is in each site.

6.  We appreciate positive reviews from your stay however will remove any negative reviews we feel are rude, not fair or accurate of the experience.

Thank you and we appreciate your support.

Our Contact Address The Peak Forest Retreat 830 Western Creek Road Western Creek 7304 Ph: 0408553976